Molly’s 1st Career Goal Sets Up the Blue Rampage for the Win!

August 13, 2011 in Hockey by Tom Henderson

With 10 1/2 minutes remaining, and the game tied 6 to 6, Molly Henderson (left wing) pounced on a rebound off the goalie’s pads, and with a quick, back-handed wrist shot lifted the puck into the net for the very first goal of her hockey career! Only a minute later, Molly capitalized on another scoring opportunity when she grabbed the puck about 12 feet out in front of the opposing team’s goalie and let loose a quick wrist shot… score!

Molly’s first two career goals both came within about 1 1/2 minute of each other, while on the same line shift!

Molly Henderson was awarded the game puck, following her first 2 career goals (both in one shift on the ice)

Molly Henderson was awarded the game puck, following her first 2 career goals

Something really must have clicked for Molly in the past week. Last Wednesday night, in her Mites game against the red team, she looked like a completely different player out there! She was skating hard, being aggressive and playing incredible position hockey!

In the past several days she’s watched all four of the Stanley Cup re-runs currently on Xfinity On Demand television. I believe she’s learning from it and becoming inspired by it. Two of the most important things she’s learned from watching the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup replays are: skate fast and shoot fast! Don’t wait until you get yourself and the puck perfectly under control… if you’re in scoring territory take the shot! Taking that extra second to make sure everything is perfect, prior to shooting,  just gives the other teams additional time to get into position.

Today, I saw four situations in today’s game in which Molly responded quickly, (just like the Bruins), rather than waiting for the perfect moment. The first two quick-response shots she took had my jumping to my feet and throwing my hands into the air, in response to what I thought would be her first career goals. The second two quick-response shots she took, did in fact result in her first career goals, each put a point on the board for the Blue Rampage, putting us into the lead and onto the win!

Each team scored one more goal prior to the end of the game, but the Blue Rampage captured the win 9 to 7. This game goes into our family’s personal historic record book as the game in which Molly scored her first (and second) career goals, and spurred her team on for the win!

To top it all off… when coach Bill made his way into the locker room following the game, he announced, “Listen up… a special award… the game puck… goes to Molly for scoring two goals in the same shift! Great game Molly!”.

Wow… I can’t wait for Wednesday night! We’re back on the ice (Riverview Ice House) with a double-header!

Final score. Blue Rampage: 9 vs. Green team: 7
Rockford Park District – Junior Icehogs Hockey – Mites (age 6-8) – The Blue Rampage (team 3) vs. the green team (2)