Saucony Omni 13 Running Shoes – The Overpronation Solution

August 22, 2014 in Reviews by Henderson Tom

I may be a few years past my Glory Days, but I still love to lace up the running shoes and put in a few miles, at least a couple of times a week.

Living in northern Illinois, the biggest kill joy in the running scene is generally the on-set of winter. Following up the longest Illinois winter I can ever remember, Spring finally broke through enough in late March 2014 (28° F) to get back out running. The previous October, I had purchased a nice $120 pair of (another major brand of) motion control running shoes from a local running shoe store and they were working out pretty well.

Due to my propensity to lay off running during the winters, my biggest problem each Spring is usually getting aerobically back in shape. The running season of 2014 started out in a similar manner, but in late June I ran into another issue. The balls of my feet (forefoot pain) began to hurt after about 3 miles of walking and running.

There are four things that come to mind as to what could be driving this new foot pain:

  • * I’m carrying a few pounds more than I was last year (after the longest winter ever)
  • * Possible premature aging of my year old running shoes
  • * A change in my workout or distance of my running
  • * Or a change in the structure of my feet

Looking back, I did change my workout somewhat. Being older, heavier and early-season out of shape, I was walking more miles than I used to, especially in the early warm-up phase of each run. Guess what? Walking uses different sections of your foot, compared to running. When walking you do a lot more ‘roll-through motion’ that works the balls of your feet more than mid-foot striking does during running

Unfortunately, prior to putting it through a complete, rational analysis, I decided it was my running shoes fault. I thought, “They had stopped protecting my feet”! I had documented proof that this new pair of shoes had only lasted for 249 running miles, (as evidenced by my running app) before I began having extreme pain in the balls of my foot after running/walking more than three miles.

I contacted the manufacturer, who initially offer me a 25% off coupon for anything purchased from their website. After some email bantering back and forth with customer service, the company sent me a 2014 version of the shoe I had been having difficulty with. Sweet… a brand new pair of running shoes! Unfortunately, the balls of my feet still hurt with this brand new version of their shoe. I do greatly appreciate their spirit of customer service in sending me a new pair of shoes, but I was still in pain.

I decided I needed a shoe with a lot more padding in the forefoot area. Which shoe seemed like it probably had the most padding? Hoka One One running shoes. I purchased a pair of Hoka One ones from and wow, were they ever comfortable! I put them on and lap some laps through the house. Supreme comfort! Unfortunately, they didn’t address my problem with being a severe over-pronator. As I ran through my house, I could tell that they weren’t providing the motion control I required as a runner. Unfortunately, I had to send them back.

Note: If you are a neutral runner looking for maximum padding  for maximum distance, Hooka One One running shoes are definitely worth a look. They are incredibly comfortable running shoes!

Looking into Runner’s World Fall 2014 Shoe Guide I found the Saucony Omni 13 running shoes. Ratings: Forefoot Cushioning: 94 of 100 and Stability Features: 93 of 100 grabbed my interest! I’ve never owned a pair of Saucony, but the Omni 13 looked like they might be just the right shoe to solve my hurting feet.

Arriving home from work on a Thursday evening, I was thrilled to see another Zappos box waiting for me! I laced up the Sauconys and found them to be very comfortable and well-padded in the forefoot. They felt good, and based on the Runner’s World shoe guide, I took them out for a (now-you-own-me) run. Concluding a run of 3.56 miles, my feet felt great! No pain in the forefoot what-so-ever. Awesome… now I could get on with the prospect of just getting some quality miles in so as to get back in running shape.

In just a week and a day of running in my new Saucony Omni 13’s, I’ve logged 23.2 miles without any lingering foot pain what-so-ever! In addition, I’ve brought my average training minutes-per-mile pace down by about a minute per mile. I’m running at a faster pace during training, without any foot pain at all! To me, that spells faster training runs, which will eventually result in better race times. Now I just need to sign up for my first race since my last 18:24 – 5K race 30 years ago… or my best 15:35 3 mile time 36 years ago!

Final thoughts:

  • If you’re an over-pronator check out the Saucony Omni 13 running shoes
  • If you’ve never purchased from check them out! They offer free shipping both ways, even if you decide to send a pair of shoes back!
  • You’re a runner! Get out there and put in some in magnificent miles!

Check out Saucony Omin 13 Running Shoes!

May the miles be your friend!