Solution – Firefox, Chrome, IE not working after Windows update

April 5, 2015 in Troubleshooting by Tom Henderson

Windows 7 update ate my Web browsers!

Following a recent Windows 7 update, my primary Web browsers were all left unable to access the Internet!

Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer were all unable to access the Internet!

Strangely enough, my 2112 version of Apple Safari (5.1.7) browser was still able to access the Internet and quickly became my default browser for a while. (Still not sure how Safari worked when the others didn’t.)

After many series of attempts to track down and correct the problem, this morning I was finally successful in finding the solution!!!

It seems that the Windows update had “messed up” the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) settings.

I found this Microsoft support page that showed how to reset TCP/IP. I tried it… and IT WORKED!!!

Note: In step 2, make sure you run cmd.exe as Administrator, or it won’t allow you to reset TCP/IP.

Note: Step 5 is to reboot your computer, so make sure you have closed out all programs prior to running the reset.

Good luck!


Reset TCP/IP


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